Struggling with health and wellness? See me to address the root causes. I've helped many with the following issues:


menopausal symptoms


emotional distress

neck tightness

frozen shoulder

back ache

digestive troubles

cancer treatment side effects



knee pain

body temperature disregulation


Don't chase after symptoms, applying ineffective, singular "solutions" here and there. I assess patterns, then apply therapies and prescribe lifestyle changes to achieve balance and flow, boosting health and wellness. My goal is to make you robust, at ease in all conditions.


"A little background: I have some injuries from car accidents, log in a lot of hours at the computer, and in a (not so distant) past life I danced professionally. The end result is chronic tension, pain in my shoulders, and headaches. I have tried chiropractors, massage, muscle relaxers, heat therapy, acupuncture, and physical therapy. Nothing has come close to the relief I have experienced with shiatsu massage. In addition, Brian addresses balancing the full body and we are working on digestive issues. For my entire life I have had stomach aches severe enough to try every medication under the sun and even surgery. Each visit we reassess and he treats me accordingly with massage and herbs. Overall, it is a custom approach responding to my body's needs at that specific point in time. FYI expect to be given 'homework' in the form of stretching and strengthening exercises, meditation, diet, and herbs. Also, if you sit at a desk all day like I do, correcting posture is part of the equation. Sound like a lot to take in? It can be, but it is doable. In the end, it is completely worth it because it really works. I fully believe the body will heal under the right conditions. By following this approach I am giving myself the proper support and in a way saying sorry bout it to the past stress and overwork. I feel incredibly thankful that Brian is guiding me in the healing process." Crystal A., sales

"After going to multiple chiropractors, massage therapists, and finally the emergency room I thought my arm would forever be in pain, but thanks to Brian Skow I now have full range of motion in my arm and shoulder. He is a miracle worker and I would recommend him to anyone looking for relief from pain." Marilyn, salon owner

"Brian, I will be eternally grateful to you for giving me my life back. I have been suffering with excruciating shoulder pain for three months. You healed me in three sessions. I tried three different chiropractors, pain clinics, medical massages, and a regular doctor who just prescribed pain killers. I spent thousands of dollars on various treatments, nothing worked. Shiatsu did. You are a true Healer Brian, You are intuitive, very knowledgeable, your treatment is relaxing, soothing and most of all it works. I will tell the whole world about you. My twins love you because you gave them their active mommy back." Teodora, sales

“I've been receiving shiatsu treatments from Brian for several years now, and I can honestly say that he has not only helped me immensely for acute problems but has improved my overall health in quite extraordinary ways. He's a terrific person--thoughtful, kind, intuitive, generous--and a true healer. Everyone in my family now sees him, too--and we're willing to drive three hours to do it. I can't recommend him highly enough.” Linda, medical writer

"I haven't had a migraine since the first week I came to see you. My fibromyalgia also improved over the weeks of treatment and continues to get better. The majority of the time I only take my pain medication one time a day and there have been days where I've been able to skip it all together. The pain has not traveled around my body as it had in the past. I did not have the usual aches and pains associated with traveling." Marlene, registered nurse

"Shiatsu Works, 'an oasis in a Shiatsu desert.'" After my first treatment, not only was I free of pain and stiffness, I also felt lighter, happier, and more joyful. Brian Skow is a true master of the art. I was very impressed with his skill and knowledge, and especially enjoyed the stretching exercises which he incorporated toward the end of the session. I highly recommend him to all." Gwen, specialty foods